Alkalize your Body

Next time you drink a glass of water, squeeze in some lemon/lime in it! Adding lemon or lime to your water, will help alkalize your body so you can get rid of toxins much more effectively.

Remember those little strips of paper that were handed to you during high school chem class? The pH strips? Well your body’s acidity is measured the same way. It is calculated in a scale of 0-14, with 7 being neutral/normal. Anything less than 7 is acidic and anything higher than 7 is alkaline.

Strive for being alkalized all the time! Doing so will better your anti-inflammatory system and help your body get rid of the everyday toxins. If your pH is not alkalized and is somewhere in the 0-6, then your enzymes can’t properly function thus reducing your body’s ability to detoxify. Also, the more alkalized you are the less cortisol you produce!

Sounds complicated? It’s really not!  Alkalizing is simple. There’s many ways to alkalize your body. Like I mentioned before, add some lemon or lime (my favorite) juice to water or sparkling water. I even add a drop of organic stevia and turn it into a limeade. Or try adding a tablespoon of unsweetened organic cranberry juice and lime to your water to help alkaline and clean out your system. Other foods that help alkalize your body are: leafy greens, cucumbers, sprouts, cabbage, leeks, radishes, among many more. For a good list of alkalizing foods, check this out.

Alkalizing helps protein synthesis making it especially important if you’re a heavy meat eater and/or strength train. So do yourself a favor and Alkalize!