Outdoor Exercising

Now that the weather is getting cooler, consider it as a great opportunity for some outdoor exercising.

This past Saturday, the day was so beautiful that I decided to go for a run. WHAT?? Yes, Mirla, went for a run. Although, I am not one to normally run (you’d understand if you read my last post on Sprinting), but once in a while I get a feeling that I just have to run. It’s as if I need to get rid of toxins or release some frustration or something-I don’t know, that my body just craves it. So I decided to go for a run around a neighborhood near my gym. I headed out with no headphones,  just a goal in mind. I was to run around the neighborhood 1 time and go back to the gym (I’m think it was about little over 2 miles or so). Didn’t matter how long I would take, I just knew that I needed to complete it. So I head out and in 24 minutes I was done! Mission accomplished 🙂

Aside from running, there’s something so special about exercising in the outdoors. The fresh air, the openness, the soft breeze that cools off you off, the cars and people that pass by, the self-awareness…I can’t fully describe it, but it’s great option for exercising. And the best part of it all is that no gym membership required. The wonderful thing about it all is that you can do it at any time and practically anywhere. This is a great option for new moms or folks that just don’t have much time to spare. Outdoor exercising will definitely help you build up some exercising confidence while you lose some fat and get stronger!

Not only ‘cardio’ can be done outside. High Intensity Interval types of training such as circuit training or Tabata are especially fun to do in the outdoors and even more so when done with a partner! Basically the trainee goes through a list of timed exercises in sequence with little to no rest between exercises, and then rests for 2 minutes or so and repeats for several sets. The focus here is on intensity, not the amount of reps that are performed.

Here’s an example:

Start with some dynamic stretching for 5-10 minutes. You really want to warm-up completely before starting.

30 sec of Speed Squats

10 sec rest

30 sec of Burpees

10 sec rest

30 sec of Jump Lunges

10 sec rest

30sec of pushups (or modified pushups-knees on floor)

10 sec rest

30 sec Mountain Climbers, neutral spine

Rest 2 minutes and repeat 3-4 more times.

And just like that, you’ve completed a great workout! Just as any strength training program, you may want to start with doing this routine 2 times a week and work yourself up to 3-4 times/week.

So whether you like to run, sprint or strength train, doing it in the outdoors can create a nice change up to your normal routine. So stay active, enjoy the wonderful weather and remember…


Awesome Resistance Bands Workout

Bands for you, bands for me

Pick a flavor, any flavor

Let’s talk BANDS, resistance bands that is! They come in bright colors, they’re flexible, they look fun, and you think, “Oy the possibilities are endless with these babies!” You end up buying them, and then you’re like what the heck? how do I use this wiggly thing?

But oh my dears, those wiggly things are a great investment!

Resistance bands are great for toning and overall body strengthening. They allow your muscle fibers to elongate and to stay under tension throughout the concentric, when you shorten the muscle-such as when you curl your bicep, and eccentric movement, lowering movement-bicep curl when arm comes down  to the start position. Thus, it increases your strength. These bands are great for when you travel, are new to exercising, you become a new momma or if you are recovering from a light surgery. They are fairly inexpensive ($10-$20) and a super light weight/non-bulky. These things are muy fantastico!

Colors and their meanings:

Yellow-light resistance

Green-medium resistance

Red-medium to heavy

Blue-heavy resistance

Black–extra heavy resistance

If you are a newbie, I would suggest to start with a yellow. If you need more resistance you can always shorten the straps and that will add more resistance automatically. I suggest to keep rest periods short, very short. I’m talking about 30-60 seconds rest, kind of short. Start with 3 sets and work your way to 4 sets. I normally would suggest to pair up your exercises into super-sets, but because you’d need to set up the bands accordingly to each exercise, that just wouldn’t make too much sense. However, there are 2 exercises that are in a superset format (see Monday/Thurs: D1 and D2, Tuesday/Friday C1 and C2). And that is because the set up of the bands are about the same in both exercises. I recommend visuals to see where to place the bands, so YouTube it up beforehand.

Here is the breakdown:

Monday and Thursday:

A.) Resistance band Squats 12-15 reps x 3 sets, take 4 seconds to lower yourself (eccentric) and 2 seconds to come up (concentric). Rest 45 sec and repeat 2 more times.

B.) Resistance band Standing Good Mornings. ARCH your back a tad then start (NEVER round your back!) 3 seconds folding forward, 1 second retraction to upright. (you def need a video on this one). 8-10 reps x3 sets. Rest 45-60 sec.

C.) Resistance band Deadlift. Same goes here, DO NOT ROUND your back! Arch your back a tad, bring shoulder blades back, then you may begin with 3 seconds lowering, 2 seconds up. 10-12 reps x 3 set. Rest 45-60 seconds.

D1.) Resistance band Shoulder Press 6-8.Focus on holding it under tension. 3 second going up, 3 seconds down, pause 2 seconds at the bottom of the movement, then repeat for 6-8x. Rest 0.

D2.) Resistance band Lateral Raises. Same deal here, shoulders are stabilizers, and strengthen best when under tension. 2 seconds to ascend and 3 seconds to descend. 10-12 reps x 3 sets. Rest 45-60 seconds.


A.)Resistance band Bench Press. (Alternative to a bench: Coffee table, exercise ball, floor). 3 sec to lower the band, 1 sec to push up it up. 10-12 reps x 3 sets. Rest 45-60 sec.

B.)Resistance band Rows (seated on floor). 2 seconds to pull, 4 seconds to retract. 12-15 reps x 3 sets, rest 45-60 seconds.

C1.) Resistance band Bicep Curls. Focus on squeezing your bicep at the top portion and slowly lower) 10-12reps x 3 sets. rest 0.
C2.) Resistance band Tricep Extensions 10-12reps x 3 sets. Rest 45 sec.

D.) Resistance band Upright Rows. 10-12reps x 3 sets. Focus on bringing the bands up to your collar-bone and lower within 4 seconds.

Drink a nice cold WHEY protein shake or eat a nice piece of fish/chicken/lean beef with a big ‘ol bowl of veggies right after and feel content!

Happy future workout days ahead!